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In the begining, there was Quellious, god of Peace. The Everquest server named after him held his values. Under the watchful eye of Mother Leerah, cooperativeness and tolerance grew on Quellious Server. Whenever we've merged with other servers, Quellions bring their spirit of peaceful cooperation. Unholy Czars has been Mother Leerah's guild since 2002. She's been guildleader since 2003. We provide a supportive, caring environment for those who have been deemed worthy to become part of the family. Once you are adopted as full member, you are always a member. With few exceptions, people who have left for other pursuits are delighted to come back and find their home in Norrath is still here; and always will be, as long as the servers are up.
(This is being written during the terrible server outage of 2011.)


We do not recruit people based on their level, gear or perceived uber-ocity. If you are intelligent, mature and calm of heart, you are perfect for us. Your first test of intelligence is to find Lee on one of her toons and ask for an interview.

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